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T-Rex Game, also known as Dino T-Rex Runner Game or Chrome Dinosaur Game, is an Easter Egg hidden within Google Chrome's web browser. Typically accessible on the "No Internet" connection error page, the game can be played offline. In this game, players control a T-Rex dinosaur running across a desert landscape, jumping over cacti, and dodging other obstacles to avoid collisions. While traditionally played offline, an online version allows players to compete with others and aim for high scores.


T-Rex Game offers several features that enhance its gameplay and appeal:

  • Offline and Online Play: Originally designed as an offline game for the "No Internet" error page, an online version allows competitive play with other players.
  • Simple Controls: Start the game by pressing the spacebar to jump and use the up and down arrow keys to control the T-Rex's movements.
  • Endless Runner: Navigate the T-Rex through an endless desert terrain, with increasing speed and difficulty as the game progresses.
  • Competitive Mode: Compete against other players online to achieve the highest score and showcase your running skills.
  • Pixel Art Design: Enjoy retro-style pixel graphics that evoke nostalgia and simplicity, reminiscent of classic arcade games.


  1. Start and Jump: Begin the game by pressing the spacebar to jump over obstacles like cacti and birds.
  2. Control Movements: Use the up arrow key to jump over obstacles and the down arrow key to duck under flying birds.
  3. Avoid Collisions: Navigate the T-Rex safely through the desert landscape, avoiding collisions with obstacles to continue running.
  4. Score Points: Each obstacle successfully avoided adds to your score. Aim to run as far as possible without hitting anything.
  5. Compete for High Scores: In the online version, strive to achieve the highest score among other players by running the farthest distance without losing.

T-Rex Game offers a fun and engaging experience suitable for players of all ages, whether enjoying a casual run offline or competing online for high scores. Test your reflexes and endurance in this timeless arcade-style game directly within your Chrome browser.

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