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Dino Jump is a classic endless runner game developed by Pixeljam, known for their popular title Dino Run. In this early release version, players navigate various dinosaurs—Baby Rex, Pterodactyl, or Parasaur—through different biomes. The game challenges players to use jumping and flying skills to avoid obstacles while running endlessly. As you progress, multiple power-ups become available to aid your journey. Dino Jump draws inspiration from the classic Google Dinosaur Game and promises future updates with more dinosaurs, biomes, and additional features, soon available on mobile devices for wider accessibility.


Dino Jump includes several key features that enhance its gameplay and appeal:

  • Endless Runner Gameplay: Run endlessly through dynamically generated biomes, each presenting unique challenges and obstacles.
  • Multiple Playable Dinosaurs: Choose between different dinosaurs—Baby Rex, Pterodactyl, or Parasaur—each with distinct abilities and characteristics.
  • Jumping and Flying Skills: Use precise jumping and flying maneuvers to navigate around obstacles and achieve high scores.
  • Power-Ups: Collect various power-ups throughout the game to enhance your dinosaur's abilities and extend your run.
  • Classic Pixeljam Aesthetic: Enjoy retro-inspired pixel graphics and immersive sound design that capture the essence of classic arcade games.
  • Future Updates: Anticipate upcoming updates with more dinosaurs, biomes, and additional gameplay features to enrich the experience.


  1. Navigate Biomes: Use jumping and flying skills to maneuver through different biomes.
  2. Avoid Obstacles: Dodge obstacles such as rocks, trees, and other hazards that appear on the path.
  3. Collect Power-Ups: Gather power-ups to boost your dinosaur's performance and extend your distance.
  4. Achieve High Scores: Aim to run and fly as far as possible to achieve high scores and compete with friends.
  5. Future Updates: Stay tuned for updates introducing more dinosaurs, biomes, and new gameplay elements to enhance the game.

Dino Jump offers a nostalgic yet refreshing take on the endless runner genre, blending classic arcade-style gameplay with charming pixel art visuals. Challenge yourself to run, jump, and fly through diverse biomes while mastering the unique abilities of each dinosaur character.

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